ZOARC IOWAVE Donation #2 to the Stead Family Children's Hospital

Posted by Connor Weitz on

"I had the opportunity to make my second donation to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital on September 12th, 2018, this time being in partnership with Hy-Vee. I could not have done this alone and there are many people that I need to thank for helping me make this possible. First, thank you to my family for always supporting me and believing in the things that I do. Thank you to Hy-Vee for believing in me, my company ZOARC, this cause, and for giving me the opportunity to sell the shirts in your stores. Thank you to Jeremy Vallin for always being there to shoot photos and videos and capture footage of this journey. Thank you to Peter Jok and Camdyn Reisner for helping with the event at Hy-Vee. Thank you to KCRG for taking the time to interview me and share this with the community. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a shirt and supported this cause. There are many other people to thank, but just know if you have helped with this cause in any way, I truly do appreciate you. My goal with my company and these shirts is to promote health, wellness, to spread positivity, unity, and to help those in need. I believe today was a step in the direction of living out my mission. Always remember, we wave together."-Connor Weitz, Zoarc Owner